Family friendly rights

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Balancing work with family life has become an increasingly prominent focus in employment law over the last decade especially, with many new rules being introduced in support of working parents (mothers, fathers and adopters) and carers. For employers, this often means the need to make adjustments to existing working structures and practices and to provide greater working flexibility where this is feasible.

For example, maternity leave and adoption leave rules enable new mothers and adopters to take 52 weeks’ leave to care for the child, and shared parental leave rights, now entitle fathers or other partners to also split some of this entitlement.

You’ll also find helpful materials below on flexible working since most employees now have a legal right to request to work flexibly. Employees often request to work flexibly so that they can better combine work with family life. You can lawfully refuse the request, if you have valid reasons to do so, but you must consider the request following the correct procedure.

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