LHS is perfect for you if you want:

Business growth

You’re running a business, whether you’re just starting out or you’re established, growing, changing or facing challenges.


You want control, certainty and choices.

A good deal

Getting a good deal is important to you. What you spend your money on matters.


You want dynamic, straightforward solutions, used and recommended by your business peers, tailored to your everyday business needs: any time, anywhere, on any device, in your language, and on your terms.


Some or all of the following sound good to you:

  • instant certainty on costs, processes and time frames where legal questions arise – free, online and at your fingertips, with no obligations or strings attached
  • DIY law, delivered by our leading online legal information and document service, keeping law cost effective, pragmatic and straightforward; no jargon, no nonsense, just expert advice from our experienced, award winning lawyers
  • our QuickReview service – apply online and in just 2 hours, you’ll receive expert views and recommendations – it’s then up to you what you do next (if you need to do anything at all, we’ll even tell you where you don’t need a lawyer! #refreshing)
  • additional pay as you go business legal tools and solutions, fully accessible at great value, fixed and transparent rates
  • legal journalism, keeping you and your business updated with headlines, relevant calls to action and concise content that matters to you.

All delivered and guaranteed by a legal services provider preferred and recommended by many of the UK’s leading trade associations and business representatives, including:


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