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Knowing your customers, for example, their habits and preferences, what they love and dislike, how far they will travel to purchase what you’re offering, what their price sensitivities might be, how they want to take delivery – all of these considerations are critical to your prospects of success. We identify the key things you should be considering and building into your business activities and give guidance on what works well.

The content on elXtr has been prepared by LHS Solicitors. It’s intended as guidance only and not to be regarded as a substitute for consultation with one of our solicitors, since every case will ultimately turn on its own particular facts and circumstances. We recommend that you use our materials as your starting point and be aware that you sometimes have to follow a set procedure before taking any action, especially in an employment context. If you are in any doubt, we’d suggest that you get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through your options on how to get the right legal advice.

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