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Deciding on a premises from where you’ll trade is potentially one of the most important decisions you need to take as a business owner. The reason being that you have a range of options to consider for example taking on a commercial property or a sub-lease on a property, sharing a work space or working from home. Each of these has positives and negatives attached to it, and it carries different risks and opportunities for your business.    

If you’re a business tenant and you want to extend or end your commercial lease or if you want to change the property, there are set procedures that you’ll need to follow – ensuring that you don’t undermine any legal rights that your lease and/or the law provides to you. Dealing with issues can be tricky but usually the lease will be a determining factor to decide who is responsible or liable for what. In this section you‘ll find guidance and documents to help you to understand the key legal issues for you as a tenant.

The content on elXtr has been prepared by LHS Solicitors. It’s intended as guidance only and not to be regarded as a substitute for consultation with one of our solicitors, since every case will ultimately turn on its own particular facts and circumstances. We recommend that you use our materials as your starting point and be aware that you sometimes have to follow a set procedure before taking any action, especially in an employment context. If you are in any doubt, we’d suggest that you get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through your options on how to get the right legal advice.